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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another Milestone

I was going through my blog today, right from the most recent post to the oldest one,
I have seen myself grow, my thoughts change from it's inception to manifestation,
From friends being friends to being best friends or drifting apart,
From getting a job to quitting one.

From working hard to feeling lazy,
From relaxing to acting crazy,
From feeling down in the dumps to feeling exhiliration,
From the chai tapri to the coffee station.

From the factory to home,
From events occured to memories forgone
From being lost in thought to giving an extempore
From loving something to disliking another to it's core


As i wish my friend a Happy Married Life Ahead and as he achieves yet another milestone, i realize my life has been nothing short of full either and therefore, it is imperative for me to use this day as a time stamp for my life as well.

Kellu - we wish you the very best today and everyday forever with your life & now wife Akku!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A perfect Saturday!

Yesterday was a wonderful evening
Almost felt like a page from Dil Chahta Hai or the likes of movies that revolve around Friendship.
I went out, the only girl
With a group of four boys
And Hum Paanch-on ne khoob majje kiye.

From my favourite lil cafe in Chembur
Le Cafe' being the meeting spot as usual
We headed over to Colaba via the Freeway
Starbucks was host to a poetry reading event
Which we didn't attend because we were in our happy place
Just being with each other and because we managed
To make a table for two accomodate five!

Next stop... Marine Drive
Scores of people sitting, snuggling, giggling, jogging
along the long stretch from Nariman Point to Girgaum Chowpatty.
We were a hungry lot and decided to have our grub
So we walk towards Cafe Royal
And order Soup and Steak Sizzler

We discuss the H(B)ollywood painting themed on "The Last Supper"
and watch two couples enjoy their quiet dinner to our right
We wait for the drinks and food to arrive
And so it does in time
The yummiest steak, even better than one's i tasted in the U.S exclaims one.

With dinner done, there's only one thing on my mind
I need to get home, it's 21:30 already
Boys, let's go home, please.
Not without dessert at Rustomji's.
We walk to the legendary Icecream place
Enjoy our King Mango (which isn't Alphonso - but still tasty)

Now with a tummy full
We walk on Marine Drive once again and head towards the car
Taking in the sights and sounds of our beloved city
More contemplative than before
More aware of our blessings

Thankful for being part of the most wonderful city
Thankful for having each other
And as a closing statement
One of the boys says:
"Agar har ladki teri tarah hoti, toh hum ladkon ke life mein tension hi nahi hota"

I take that as the biggest compliment of my life
There have been days when i have questioned myself
About my personality, the way i am, speak, dress
But that one statement made in jest
Reinforced all i stand for.

Thank you boys, for a perfectly wonderful Saturday!

To my Minion: Sorry for hitting below the belt, literally.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

NO DOPE better than Hope

It is the end of the Calendar year, well, technically - almost. I do realise i tend to write a lot of things about hope. The only reason for that being, many times in life all you need is a little Pixie dust called BELIEF and HOPE to set things straight with a tinge of PERSPECTIVE.

I had a pretty eventful year - tumultous, stressful (good and bad), exciting. I had quite a few adventures. Luck took me places - Haridwar, Shanghai, Bangkok. Hopefully, 2014 will take me West, East, South and North within and outside the country.

I live in hope, in some dreams that might never come true. But that's not the point. The point is in dreaming, in hoping, in believing - doesn't matter what the outcome is. As long as what's in your heart is pure. It can be anything. A New Year is a great time for new beginnings. While you can start something new on almost any day, a new year seems that much more memorable.

I might fall flat on my face for being naive but i feel like a child today. Almost untouched by the realities of life and fantasies are truth the moment i switch on Disney Channel. Where letters float in the air and we have Ummed wali Dhoop, Sunshine wali Asha!

I live in that world today where Impossible is Nothing and the only thing that can stop me from being what i want to be is me. At the confessional this Christmas - i discussed about how we let petty things get into the way - we give in to gossip, jealously, disrespect and i was told speak your mind without hurting anyone. People form opinions anyway so why bother. There isn't need to be a doormat. Do whatever you do with compassion and i felt at ease. Like as if a nagging thought was let out in the open and i haven't felt lighter.

So this coming year, all words need to be put into action. All thoughts have to be spoken or acted upon. For there is no other way than to show what one is capable of and there is no need to be afraid.
All i need is a little courage with a dollop of hope, added with hard/smart work to ensure the best for everyone!

Happy New Year 2014 :) Have a wonderfully memorable year ahead.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Set Yourself Free.

There comes a time in everyone's life when things always seem to go awry,
No matter what you do,
You may fight tooth and nail
But to no avail.

You are always left wanting more,
And in your misery they shall try and settle scores,
It is not revenge you seek, for not that's for your ultimate goal
Weak you are because you are meek.

Humbleness is not looked up to,
It is for the powerless
The high and mighty shall steal your thunder,
Only to make you sorely Wonder.

What might have been,
Could it have been at all?
Had i taken a different path-
Would i reach where i ought to be?

Then again the times change, just like seasons do,
Things being falling into place
And all you need do is be grateful
You are at your happiest best.
 Knowing it could be fleeting
So sieze the moment to be joyful
and set yourself  free - from the bondage of the mind.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The need to write

I always feel the need to do something. I am restless. I cannot sit staring into oblivion for long. Five seconds of that and i start fidgeting, sometimes i fear i might be suffering from ADHD. At this point after typing ADHD i quickly searched the internet to check if i do have similar symptoms and boy i am surprised. I feel like as if i have all of them.
So well... yeah i do feel the need to write. It is like a breath of fresh air for me.. Like as if writing/ blogging will keep me from choking on my word vomit and this is my personal space where i am free to do so. Without being fined/ judged. Free as a bird to type as i please. No word limit, no nothing. Just a blank page waiting to be decorated with black. Ooops! Blue!

Today was a fantastic day, 13th April. Slept till 11 am, got up, mini breakfast, lunch with a college friend :) followed by dessert and coffee at my favourite Costa (table no. 13), window shopping with mom to wind up buying two silver rings for myself. A Saturday of Pure Uninhibited INDULGENCE that hasn't happened in so long. Especially with the weekend at work or in transit.

Sometimes, writing is a reminder. A log of a break that was well deserved...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Something Out of the Ordinary

I woke up to an awesome start to July , not literally though considering the fact that we (Ali, Abu, Shaun, Zoo and Me) didn't really sleep the night of 30th June. It was a superb night. An experience i will never forget. Made a few new friends in (Rash, Pri, Dydoo, Bhavuk, Paras and Kunal) and not to forget my already friend Tin x 2.

We were to leave for Amritsar (Siddy's wedding) (that also being an experience i shall never forget) and we had to camp the night somewhere before heading to the airport at 4:30 in the morning. We had Abu being the full on entertainer, cracking jokes and yes! dancing. Witty comments were a galore. Good music - thanks to Shaun and Me... :) :)

This post is just a big thank you to my chud buds for being there (Ass we missed you). We had the most amazing trip as a group together and we don't know when it shall happen next... Soon INSHALLAH.
As well as a big thank you to the boys for having us over and letting us create a ruckus knowing very well that we might be inviting trouble.

It was a day i never imagined possible. I was anxious about how everyone would get along and man, were we all a house on fire. Of course, 4:30 came before we realized and we said our goodbyes, headed to the airport to experience Something Out of the Ordinary - Part 2 (The big fat Punju Wedding)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bookmark RULES

Today is a day
Like a reminder in my book
A book mark of sorts that i can come back to
Long after i have turned the page
Reason for this being
I trust blindly
I give - most of the times without expectation
I care with all i can
I fight (sometimes) with all i have
And Life sometimes seems Unfair both in a good way and in a bad way
When i count my blessings, i see others sorrows
When i see my sorrow - i am blind again
I want to see
I want to feel
I want to live
Every emotion
Because  the only way to live is to FEEL EVERYTHING.

RULE # 1: Seeing is not ALWAYS believing
Never blindly believe what you see.

RULE #2: Always follow your heart/ gut feeling
It will never let you down

RULE #3: Be nice to people
The world can do without the unnecessary BS and you never know what someone else might be going through.

RULE# 4: Never Judge
You never know what one is capable of...

RULE#5: Believe
In yourself, in your values and all that you dream.
Believe because you are the only one responsible for yourself.
Believe because you have every right to.
Believe because if you believe it - you can be it.

Lastly, Nothing and absolutely Nothing in Life is Permanent.
Not even Life itself...
All of these have been written time and again by different people but i need this to remind myself of little somethings all the time...