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Monday, March 1, 2010



DOB: 10TH AUG 1989

Species: Shockingly he is also Homo Sapien.

Looks: Australopithecus

INTERESTS: DISSECTING EVERYTHING on the face of this earth, Ignoring people,
Whining, Making strange faces.

AIM IN LIFE: To do things that makes him happy.

How to make him happy: Ego massage and mollycoddle. FLATTERY WORKS WELL.

PLACES TO TAKE HIM ALONG: The beach, any beach.

HABITAT: Most of the time lives in the Virtual world.
Is most comfortable with Internet. So much so that he can marry his PC

Interaction with Humans: Minimal unless assisted by the internet and set in virtual space.


MY OPINION: Do not go near unless you mean no harm and are ready to face myriad questions on random bakwass.

RATING: 4/5 because no one is perfect.

Writing about someone you know is easy but writing about someone you don’t really know at all is a challenge. It is more like writing an assignment when you don’t know the basics of a subject. So what do you do?? You obviously Google the topic up, copy from books and if you don’t want to go through the trouble you’d just wait for someone else to write.

In this case my only cheats are his profiles,his blog and he himself. The man hasn’t been of any substantial help so to say. Chatting online just once doesn’t really help a lot you know.

So here goes, My understanding of RISHI.

It was extremely rude of him to have ignored me when I was right there in the canteen once but that’s ok I have come to terms with it. That apart he is an unconventional guy, a guy unlike most I have known in a good way. (Ok, I know his ego chart is expanding exponentially)Of what I have gathered in one and a half day, even though we come from diametrically opposite sun signs there are still things which make us look at situations in life from the same perspective.

From what he describes himself to be, I see a lot of determination. He detests following routines just for the sake of it. A fun person to talk to if you can look beyond your own views. For me it seems natural because we do tend to think in a similar fashion. Extremely good “conversationist”.

I agree he has done his diploma and then joined SIES GST. I do have friends and acquaintances in your class Rishi but I fail to understand how I completely missed out knowing you. I m sure it would have been fun knowing you much before the final semester of engineering.

He loves being mysterious and maybe that’s why he had been hiding all along. (haha) As advocates of Google Talk and haters of Facebook chat, I do really hope we keep in touch long after college ends and new chapters in our life begin.

I also hope you do well with your plans in life (wink wink) and don’t forget to call me to pitch in.

All in all a very interesting Sindhi Papad who deserves a tight Jhapad for Nothing :p(uggh that was bad but the poet in me wanted to show up) A really nice person to know if you like talking random things, analyzing stuff and generally ranting.

One of the very very few intriguing creatures in a ZOO called SIES GST.
I rest my case.
(Pheww, that was tough.)


Dhanesh said...

A la bridget jones :P.Felt like i was watching a chick flick.

keep blogging ! but avoid writing about guys, we are boring :).

next time feature a cat fight in your blog. :P

karen said...

Well there is a story behind why i wrote this!!

karen said...

@ dhanesh: it was supposed to be a testimonial for him in his class year book but it wasnt allowed so i uploaded it!

Rishi Talreja said...